Construction Accidents: What People Should Know

Construction workers face unique hazards every day. Doing jobs at heights of several hundred feet above the ground, or dozens of feet below in foundation trenches, and using dangerous and very large tools and equipment, a construction worker lives with the possibility of serious injury or death on the job. This not only devastates the life of the worker involved, but also his or her family who are suddenly deprived of the breadwinner’s wages. Rebuilding a life after that can be a monumental challenge.

The most lethal of these accidents were, as can be expected, falls from high places. Being struck by falling objects or vehicles came in next in terms of fatalities, followed by electrocution. Then there are the more freakish incidents of being caught in or between large massive objects and crushed.

The more common variety of accidents on the construction site are not necessarily lethal but can lead to serious injury. These are things like slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall. Such incidents involve hazards such as construction debris, snow and ice, oil or other slippery coatings on walking surfaces, or dips and pits in the ground. On ground level, these hazards may not cause serious injury. But on elevated surfaces, a fall may have multiple fractures and severe head/brain injury as the consequence.

Defective tools and equipment constitute another potentially serious hazard. Construction workers regularly use drills, jackhammers, nail guns, saws, welding torches, and various lifting machines. Malfunctions in any of these causing serious injury or fatality can not only leave the construction company liable for damages but also the tool manufacturer as well. There are the potential consequences from fires and explosions, inevitable from the combination of exposed wiring and flammable chemicals or other substances in one wrong moment of carelessness. Rarer but no less dangerous are the possibilities of trench or building collapses. These are the most immediate result of negligence at the job-site, since only sloppy construction work or failure to properly shore up trenches and supports can lead to such a tragedy.

You can read more here about the different types of construction accident which can befall workers. Detailed information of each kind of accident can act as a guide when faced with these possibilities. In the event of such a tragedy, the worker or the family will have to know what their rights are and the available legal remedies that they can pursue to get full and just compensation.